Ostashkov tannery

60, Rabochaya str., Ostashkov,
Tver region, Russia, 172735
e-mail: okz@okz.ru


Ostashkov Tannery founded in 1730 is located on the coast of Lake Seliger. Pure abundant waters of the lake were the key prerequisite for the high quality and moderated cost of its product as well as for the continuous growth of the output.
The Ostashkov leathers being always on big demand at the home market were widely exported too.

For almost three centuries our native Seliger supplies with sweet water the tanners of Ostashkov. And of course we feel ourselves more than any other responsible for preservation of this beautiful pearl of Russian nature. The first shield to protect the environment is the high-tech sewage disposal plant. But the main - active! - Way to solve the problem is the concept of ecological modernization of the enterprise. The really efficient production cycle implies the maximum useful utilization of the raw material so that all wastes would be processed into good and important products. The wastes are turned into a profit: instead of cheap secondary goods like gelatin or glue we start to produce the valuable high-tech materials. Such policy focused both on the economic advantage and environmental safety is our know-how that got a name of Ostashkov econology. No other enterprise in Russia has such practice.

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