Ostashkov tannery

60, Rabochaya str., Ostashkov,
Tver region, Russia, 172735
e-mail: okz@okz.ru


In 1990-91 the Tannery was fully upgraded at a cost of 85 million USD: a brand new structure was built housing the latest in Italian machinery which automated almost all production process. Now capital expenditure at Ostashkov Tannery is well over one million USD per year.

But in our days in order to stand up to the impetuous scientific and technological advance it is not enough only to install modern equipment. Our goal is intensive production development: deep technological changers, finding and using new materials, up-to-date standards and progressive ecological projects. We strive for increasing the efficiency of production facilities and reducing expenses. The scientific laboratory and experimental work-whop of the Tannery - this is our "bridgehead" for putting in practice new creative ideas. We welcome at Ostashkov Tannery technologists from many countries (in Russia the production process is not so rigidly regulated as in Western Europe and America - it always gives space for investigations). Russian specialists together with their foreign colleagues create new materials, improve the existing and invent new technological formulas, study different combinations of chemical components. Thus basing on the own and foreign ideas and experience our people elaborate the innovations concept and ecological strategy of the enterprise the integral part of which will be a further development plan of  Ostashkov Tannery.

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